Playing Poker Online

In the early 1900s a variation of Poker was invented, the name of said game was Texas Hold Em.

I love poker especially Texas Hold Em, the bluffing, the strategic thinking, the atmosphere in general is just amazing. It’s a very simple game but depending on whats a stake even the best hands could lose. Texas Hold Em was brought over to Las Vegas by Texas players and then the grew popular.

Over the years poker has become one of the most well-known card games to date. It’s a extremely difficult game to play and i would recommend it to anyone who had the attention span. If you think you can handle it, recommend learning how to play here. Once you’ve gotten used to playing and if you feel like testing your skills against real people there are thousands of websites where you can compete against others. Personally I go on Facebook and use Zynga Poker, its pretty simple and very easy to get access to considering so many people use Facebook.

Zynga Poker is played by millions on Facebook, and some of the players are rather good at the game, but with some practice winning against does great players isn’t impossible. Sadly there is a limit and that’s your funds. In Facebook Pokers the limit to how much you can play is the amount of chips you own. There’s many ways to obtain chips(buying them, or winning them), but after some searching i found a very useful program created by some a group called called the zynga poker hack. This bot allows users to gain unlimited chips by simply entering the amount you wish to gain and your email. I’ve personally used this bot and haven’t had any problems thus far.

So to recap: Poker is a very tough game, and takes time to get good at but in time you will gain notable skills–who knows maybe you will be the next Phil Ivey. This takes time and practice though so i highly recommend trying out Zynga Poker since you get to play against people all over the world. But like stated above chips is your life span so don’t play to recklessly, that is without downloading that awesome bot above.

Just in case you guys don’t believe these were my results:


Learning to play Poker

So your interested in poker, eh? You see some of your buddies playing it and you want in, hmm? Well don’t worry i’ll teach you.

Before you start to learn to play poker you should understand the most popular types. There Omaha, High / Low Chicago, and this ones is the one you will see most people playing, Texas Hold Em. Since i prefer the latter i will teach you that one.

First thing i will explain to you is:

The Set-Up

Poker is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. When your first session of Texas Hold Em begins you and everyone else will have a certain amount of chips and 2 cards that have been dealt to you. After this you need to know what your hand means and how to win.

Understanding your hand.

Now that you have a hand you need to know if its good or not right? Well basically in Poker the cards are ranked from highest to lowest in the following order: ace, king, queen, jack, 10-2. The objective of the game is to end up with the best hand. Refer to the info graph to see the possible hands.

Flow of the Game

So the game begins everyone has 2 cards and the same amount of chips. At this point its time to place bets. Everyone has 3 options they can either bet,fold/check, raise. Depending on how well your hand is you choose if you want to bet. After everyone bets the dealer reveals 3 cards, this is called the flop. Now after viewing the graph provided you may be wondering i have 2 cards how and when do i get 5? Well that time is now. Its a pretty simple concept, every card the dealer deals is the communities hand. So if you have only 1 ace in hand and the dealer deals another one you now have a pair.

After the flop we go around the table again betting and folding and once we arrive at the dealer she reveals another card. So what do we do now? You guessed it, we go around the table again betting, folding, and most importantly bluffing. The dealer only deals 5 cards and then everyone shows their hands to determine values. Based on the results you may be walking away with double your money, or none of money.

Well that’s about it. Does are the basics of playing poker. By knowing just this you will be able to play with your friends and even win against them. Right now your probably a little rough around the edges but with time you will bluffing and reading into your opponents hands like a pro. If you want to play now read my guide on playing poker online.